Arjun Sunil


My office is where my Laptop is, all these go where I travel to:


  • Apple Macbook Pro (Retina 13, 2015) [2016-2019]

    8 Gigs, 128 GB storage as initially bought; Apple ended up upgrading the motherboard to a 16 Gig varient since they didn’t have the motherboard in stock! Ended up succumbing to injuries by travelling in Mumbai Local.

  • Lenovo Legion y740 [2019-Present]

My main workhorse powering my daily work & play. Everything is pretty much amazing and it handles everything I throw at it. Love the screen, keyboard, and speakers. I still miss my Macbook for it’s battery life and portability though.

- Specs
    - 6 cores i7-9750H (for raw core performance)
    - 16 Gigs RAM
    - RTX 2060 6 GB (for anything that supports GPU acceleration and ocassional gaming)
    - Ubuntu with KDE Plasma (hands down most practical OS I've ever used)


I had been super passionate about having the latest/best tech especially when it came to phones.

  • Motorola A810 [2007]
    • My first ever phone! Was a pretty big deal for back in the time.
  • Samsung Galaxy 5 [2011]
    • My first ever android phone. It started out with Android 1.6 Donut and with custom roms went as high as 2.3 Gingerbread
  • Sony Xperia Ion
    • It was the best camera shooter I ever owned, even to this date. But with a really small battery coupled with super high resolution screen, it barely lasted 4-5 hours of average use (Screen on time might have been around 1-1.5 hours)
  • Sony Xperia U
    • This hands down had the best design ever. With the RGB illumination bar at the bottom, it was among my favourite compact phones that I’ve ever owned. Would totally kill to own that with current year specs and the same screen size.
  • Yu Yureka
    • First device I owned with Cyanogenmod
  • Yu Yuphoria
    • Got bored of the Yureka, traded the phone with a friend and got this
  • Iphone 5s [2016]
    • Thought about jumping ship and trying the Apple ecosystem, stuck around for about an year but after I trashed its GPS and bluetooth, never repaired and went back to it again.
  • Redmi Note 4 [2017]
    • First phone with 4000mAH battery! I used to run battery tests all the time to see whats the most I could squeeze out of this. Ended up making a custom rom(LegendROM) for it as well to squeeze out the most performance I could.
  • Pixel 2 [2019]
    • Switched to refurbished Pixel 2 for a few months, ended up regretting the battery life. Passed it on to my mom since she mostly needed standy battery (which was amazing for this device)
  • Oneplus 6 [2018 - Present]
    • First phone I bought with my own money. Still going strong, probably because its my first flagship. Wasn’t really a fan of the Notch back then but given the budget and specs; couldn’t find anything better. Was initially skeptical if 6 gigs of ram would be enough, but I’ve never experienced one moment of stutters during the whole time of using this device. Also Dash charge is something that I absolutely can’t live without!
    • Deprecated this old device as work-only phone
  • iPhone 12 Mini [2020 - Present]
    • Yep. Made the jump. The compact form factor was the biggest reason

Other gear

  • Bose 700 ANC Headphones
    • A life savior when I had to get some work done around a loud open office while we were based out of WeWork; still a life savior at home with kids around
  • Apple Watch Series 6 (Cellular)
    • Daily steps and heart rate tracker
    • Sleep tracker
    • Running companion (Distance, pace tracking and music stream)
  • Apple Airpods Pro
    • When I’m not feeling up to putting on the clunky headphones, these come to the rescue!
  • Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB)
    • Ever since I bought this, I finished 5 books
    • Travels with me wherever I go


  • Google Chrome (Desktop and Mobile) - Haven’t found any thing better than this for my use





  • Slack (mainly for office communications)
  • Telegram (personal)


  • Typora - Markdown editor
  • Quip - Office writing/shared document collaboration

Password Management

  • Lastpass

Reading/Audio Books

  • Blinkist - Books in blinks/summaries
  • Audible - Full books, when I get the time
  • Kindle - The phone app

Social Media

  • None! Left all addictive social media back in 2018.

Rarely active/In-active

Health and Fitness

  • Google Fit - Aggregated visualization across all data sources
  • Samsung Fit - Paired with my Gear S3
  • Gyroscope - Hands down, best visual experience ever.


  • Google Photos - For all the memories I capture
  • Google Drive - For everything else
  • Github - All personal projects
  • Gitlab - All work projects


  • Netlify - This site is hosted on netlify
  • Heroku - For tiny snippets with margin for slow responses
  • AWS - Mostly for official purposes

Last modified on 2021-03-14

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